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With the rise of smartphones more and more people prefer buying goods via their handheld devices rather than via their computers. After the record-setting revenue of $771 million from mobile over the last Thanksgiving, there is no doubt businesses should invest into mobile development strategy. Yet, there is still a choice to make between making mobile-friendly websites or creating an actual app for the shop or business.

Mobile Apps

The latest researches show that mobile apps are more popular among potential customers compared to mobile websites, not to say they provide more useful information about the user than a website does. Being more visible on the screen, apps guarantee that a satisfied customer is more likely to come back to a shop compared to web pages in bookmarks. How else would e-commerce change in 2017 and what choices should businesses make to succeed in the market?

Quick Loading=Success

Mobile era has changed the way people shop for goods, and those who don’t adapt to new realia would soon kill their business. It seems like 40% of potential customers would leave the website for good if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you think it is too easy, just remember that users might not have access to fast 4G all the time. So, it is your task to make sure your business (either via the website or the app) would be accessible to everyone even their Internet connection is pretty slow.

In this race for the fastest load, apps have more advantages compared to websites. Apps are far easier to start up, and they could retain a number of features even without a connection, which is impossible for a web page. However, mobile app users would neglect a slow-loading app as fast as they would slow website.

To compete with faster apps, some businesses rely on adaptive websites that can switch to HTML5 for better mobile experience. Yet, both website and app owners should remember the simple rule of e-commerce: less is more.

Know Your Customer

When it comes to e-commerce, data is a big and important word, as by knowing more about customers one can make better offers for them. Apps are better in keeping track of each individual user and his/her preferences. Thus, app owners have more options to personalize their apps.

Yet, it would be a mistake to believe the insights from users’ lives are all it takes to sell more. For a successful e-commerce project, one should have massive data of their own to combine with the collected data and create something unique.

Engagement is Essential

Apps are the newest popular marketing tools, and selling is only one of their functions. The most effective tool for businesses is content marketing – the idea here is using the business app to place useful information that would attract your customers. It could be news about the latest collections or special offers, overall company news or niche news and trends.

Another smart step would be marketing in social media to support your app. But keep in mind that app would always be a better platform as it has fewer distractions. And you can link the app to your actual website – offering users a link to the item you are writing about in content marketing can bring more purchases if done wisely.

Rise of the Apps Will Go On

The popularity of mobile apps is not expected to drop in 2017 – with overall application experience improvement people prefer apps over websites. Creating an app for the business that would be easy and loading fast, engaging and useful for a potential user is the key to success in e-commerce with all its competition.

If you have already chosen an app over a mobile website, take a closer look at developers who can build an app, which would be appealing your potential clients.

Today more and more people change desktop computers to handheld devices, and that is why any self-respecting smart operator should consider transferring the company’s website into the mobile app. Today we see a new history loop– seems that recently self-employed entrepreneurs didn’t even think that they would require a web page. And look at the situation today – good website is a must for any affair. Today the same goes for the mobile applications.

The truth is, there is no need to be a specialist to turn the website into the app. With the help of the tools and platforms gathered in this article, you will be able to create a full-fledged application on the basis of your website without additional efforts. Thus you will be able to improve the functionality of the existing app by adding there menus, scheduling and even a possibility to offer coupons to customers.

Perfect Mobile App with Ease

Take into consideration!

Some small business owners prefer to order the development of the website with responsive design – that means that such site should adjust the size and position of elements according to the screen of the gadget. The application is not the thing that we call a website with a mobile-friendly design. Users download and install apps on their mobile devices from the application marketplaces like the App Store or Google Play. One of the advantages of the app is that it can work separately from the website, or you can integrate it into your site. Still, even if your website is already responsive, creating an app will be a sound decision – it will work and load everything much faster rather than the web page. Applications work perfectly well without network connection so your customers will be able to use it on the go even in the offline mode.

What are the tools for your work?

  • AppMakr

This is a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool that offers a unique feature – the app created with its help will be able to send notifications to users. Such in-app messages are essential when you want to direct customers’ attention to the special offers or new products.

  • Appy Pie

This tool is great for here you can build a website app and a whole new application for the Android and Apple platforms. The list of features offered by this tool is tremendous, and here you will be able to create an app that fully corresponds all your needs.

  • BuildFire

This drag-and-drop tool is quite powerful and enables you to add social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, monetize the app, add brand images and colors as well as develop your own in-app point-based loyalty program. Also, the app that is created with the help of BuildFire can be connected to your blog.

  • Como

This tool can create an app with multiple features that meet the requirements of any small business. Como is user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a specialist to handle it.

  • SwebApps

This tool enables you to create an app that will operate in the offline mode, and there you can organize information with the help of lists. Also there you can add a calculator that will help your users to count tips or mortgages.

  • Onbile

This is the place where you can find well-thought-out templates for the apps that have pre-installed essential functions.

  • WordPress tools

IdealPress as well as Mobiloud are perfect tools that enable the developer to create an app that can be updated and manages through the WordPress plugin. With their help, you will get all features and benefits of WordPress in the development of the app.

Have you ever wondered why in 99% cases an idea remains an idea and only 1% turns into reality? Anyone, actually, can come up with at least ten ideas a day, however, only few people can fight it out. Idea is just a mere thought, and it calls for in-depth research of the market, making a strategy, development of the business plan and without these stages all your work will be worthless.

On one of his interviews Steve Jobs stated that many people were thinking that great idea is a 90% of the work, however, this statement is far from truth, as the amount of work between idea and the final thing would exceed any expectations.

That is why when you come up with a great idea concerning your future mobile app, be ready to work hard. And to avoid common mistakes of the developers, check them out:

  1. Don’t be torn between several ideas. If you are brainstorming many ideas every day, there is a pretty good chance that none of them will be put into action. All attention that you have should be focused on a single idea and it should inspire you. You will have to work with this idea for a certain amount of time so choose well.
  2. Evaluate the idea getting feedback from others. Validate the idea creating a prototype of the concept and showing it to the actual users, so they will test your app. That also could be a landing page or PowerPoint slide – anything that can present your idea to others.
  3. Execute your idea. The idea should be transformed into the prototype, prototype to the app and app should be constantly changing according to the needs of the users. Get over it, the app won’t b brilliant from the word go, so there is no need to struggle to polish it to perfection, you will have a chance to improve it upgrading.
  4. Work with ideas aimed to great markets. The app you create should meet the requirements of great amount of people, not few hundreds of your neighbors friends. Otherwise this idea is useless.
  5. The app you create should be considered a must between apps. Only in that case you will be able to create a million dollar app from a million dollar idea.

Today people prefer to use mobile devices instead of laptops and notebooks as the possibility to get necessary content on the go is fascinating. Web surfing also slowly but steadily turns out to be mobile web surfing, that is why developers of the sites strain every nerve to make their existing sites more mobile-friendly and develop new ones according to the requirements of mobile devices.

Going mobile requires knowledge, tools and experience: here you will find workable services that will simplify the work greatly.

  • MobiSiteGalore. This mobile web builder is considered to be one of the easiest and efficient services as it takes only approximately 54 minutes for the user to create fully fledged mobile version of the site. One distinctive feature of the service that will gladden developers is that it supports not only smartphones but web-connected cell phones also. The service proposes free and premium accounts, the price for the last one is $225 per year.
  • mofuse. Users of this service are able to choose whether to convert the site singlehanded or let professionals of the service do it for them. In the first case it is necessary to pay for monthly subscription. The prices of the service range from $7.95 to $199 per month.
  • bMobilized. This service is said to support more than 13000 handheld devices and it provides a possibility to convert sites with lightning speed and users are able to customize conversion to achieve better results. The service proposes a cumulative discount system so it is a sound solution to all owners of networks. The price of monthly subscription is $19.99.
  • ConvertWebsite. This service stands out from the crowd by reliable approach to conversion. Before conversion it is necessary to send PSD version of the website so the specialists of the service will evaluate what approach will hit the spot. The conversion here is not a fast process, as it takes several days. The price is also high – $307 – $362. However, here you will rest assured that the conversion will be done right as it will be performed by professionals.
  • Mobify. Experienced team of experts is ready to help you with conversion of the site following your instructions. The pricing ranges from $0 to $1000.

Parents nowadays are shocked by the level of kids’ skills of using PC or mobile devices. Active usage of mobile device by your kid can result in a heavy bill in game purchases or threats from online predators. However, you can protect kids from possible dangers on online setting parental controls on your Android device. Here we will show you new restricted profile feature added to Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

Use parental controls on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later

Security and lack of parental control options were the biggest problems of Android OS and now developers do their best to eliminate those issues. With appearing of Android 4.3 you can turn your tablet (unfortunately, that don’t concern smartphones) into a family device as you will be able to create several user accounts with unique options suitable for every member of the family. You can manage the app permissions for each user profile so your children will be safe from possible threats.

Android smartphones soon will also get this feature, when there will be an update for Jelly Bean or KitKat.

  1. Find the Settings and select Users there. Tap ‘Add user or profile’ and select Restricted profile.
  2. Give a name to a New profile
  3. By default, the restricted profile is unable to use any app installed on the tablet. Select the apps that are appropriate for your kid. The tracking of the location is also switched off by default.
  4. After that your account will be secured with help of the pattern, password or PIN code, and the child’s account will be free to use.

How to restrict in-app purchases in Google Play?

Protect your wallet by opening the Google Play Store on the Android device and find Settings there. There you will find User controls. Select the Password and when your kid will try to buy something, the password will be required. Or you can choose the best parental control app for android that will help you to block in-app purchases as well as provide many other useful features.

Parental controls of the Android can also set content filtering so your kids will be able to download age appropriate apps, visit only permitted websites and see age-friendly content.

Sometimes the need to keep track of the messaging or call logs is crucial, especially when it comes to children or employees. With help of mobile spy software it is possible to monitor any activity of the user, including GPS location and the web browsing history.

For example, Mobile Spy application gathers and sends real time information concerning SMS and calls and gives the user all-encompassing information concerning the calls together with phone numbers and duration of calls. How to use Mobile Spy?

  1. This app can be used with compatible devices so make sure that the target phone runs on one of these operating systems: BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian OS. If the device meets the requirements of the application, go to the order page and click Buy Now. After the payment you will receive the email with the login details.
  2. Download mobile spy software to your mobile device. The given instructions will help you to download the app and install it simply and fast. After that the icon will appear on the phone with a notification that the device is being monitored.
  3. Select the settings of the application. You can access the Mobile Spy with help of the password and the others can’t. Login to the app to select the appropriate settings. Tick the boxes against phone activities you want to monitor.
  4. You have a possibility to receive advanced settings – on the Mobile Spy Home page you will be able to select more settings for monitoring the targeted phone.
  5. Now you are ready to monitor the activities of the device. Remember that the app will be active no matter whether your phone is active or not. When your device is turned off, the application will still gather the information and when you will turn it on you will be able to look through all activities recorded to your Mobile Spy account.

There are plenty of ways of tracking someone’s device and get a clear notion where is it at the moment. If you want to get them, you are on a spot. Here you will get well-rounded information how to track cell phone without efforts.

  1. Consider using the applications that deals with cell phone location tracking, for instance, you can choose the one like MobiStealth. It is user-friendly, easy to install, however, remember that you have to install it to the target device so you have to get hands on it for at least a couple of minutes. The app works in a stealth mode and gathers information about the GPS location, call logs and messages. Theoretically the app that you have selected for location tracking and monitoring should meet the following requirements:
  • GPS location tracking
  • Track the messages. Enhanced versions of such apps can also find the deleted messages.
  • Call logs with info of the phone number, duration and time of call.
  • Access to the contact list and browsing history of the web-connected device
  • Social media activity monitoring

After the installation of the app all activities of the phone will be visible to you at your online account on the PC or phone. With its help you will be able to check the information any time you want.

  1. How to track the lost or stolen phone?
  • The Android Device Manager is the best solution if your lost handheld device runs on Android OS. Download it to another Android device and enter Google account using the login data of the lost device. If the login is successful, the app will show you the last location of the smartphone on the map. Also you will be able to swipe the info, lock the device or make a ring if the device is near but you can’t see it.
  • If you are looking for an iPhone, login to the iCloud with an Apple ID of the stolen phone. iCloud will help you to track the location of the phone and it will give you a ring if it is somewhere near you. Select the Lost Mode and the device will be locked and it will display the phone number with help of which the owner can be founded. The option Erase iPhone will delete all information on the device.
  • Windows Phone can be tracked with help of the Windows Phone Website that proposes a feature Find My Phone. Log in with your Windows account of the lost phone and it will track the device. Also you will be able to lock, ring or erase the phone data.

When you decide to create a mobile app for the first time singlehanded, the task may seem time taking and challenging. However, with proper planning and knowledge everything is possible.

In brief, the first steps of building an app include coming up with an idea for the app, drawing a sketch on paper, and on that basis, creation of the workable wireframe prototype. Show this prototype to testers and collect their opinions concerning the interface of the app. Yes, it seems that you have made a lot of work. However, in fact, the development of the application has just begun.

Consider the Back End of the App

Now you have a clear notion how your application should look like and what should it do. So now it is time to think about the back end: think over servers, databases, APIs and storage solutions. This job has to be done by a developer and you have to think about creating of the developer’s account at the application markets. This procedure is time consuming and can take up to a few days, so it is necessary to do it beforehand.

Select the Appropriate Skins for the App

First, it is necessary to define what these “skins” are – these are the individual screens of the app and designers have to create a high-resolution version of your prototype taking into consideration comments of the testers. Here much prominence should be given to the convenience of usage of the app as perfect user interface is one of the main reasons of the success of your app.

Test the App Once More

When the skins are done, you have to show the app to the testers once more. And still, it is not the complete version of the app, it is a concept that gives a full impression how your application should look and work. You can use Solidify and Framer tools in order to see how your app will behave in different environments, on various platforms, devices and screens. And on this stage all texts should be filled in, all skins and images included and all buttons have to be clickable.

Nowadays many children have digital devices with easy access to the Internet and their parents have no guarantees that kids use this possibility in the right direction.
Many companies supply their employees with business gadgets like smartphones or tablets. Hardly surprising those employers want to make sure that office stuff uses their gadgets for working purposes only.
In that cases mobile spy applications can come in handy. It is the easy way to keep track of all activities of the target device and to be sure that the gadget is used properly.

1. Cell Tracker. This app, as the name suggests, locates the target device and shows the location on the map.

2. Mobile Hidden Camera. No one will know that you have snapped the photo or captured a video as the screen of your device will be black during the process.

3. Find My Friend. With help of this app you will be able to find out the speed of the vehicle when your husband goes to work or children go back home from school.

4. iKeyMonitor. Primarily the only function of this app was a simple keylogger. Now it is a powerful spy application that logs messages, SMS, passwords and websites. It makes screenshots and sends you a detailed report.

Everyone understands that nobody wants to be a victim of a spy. There is a way to make sure that your gadget is not being spied – you can use anti-spy application. Anti-Spy Mobile scans the device and removes any app that is considered to be a spy. AntiSpy & Antivirus detects the spy applications and gives you a notification that someone is spying on you.
One way or another, take into consideration that the use of spy applications should be responsible and considerable.

One may say that using of spy applications is beyond the pale, however, thoughtful parents and employers will not agree with that statement. Sometimes nothing but spy applications can figure out the truth about children’s use of the Internet or about the activities of the employee in the social media during the office hours. Usually parents and employers install the spying apps in order to monitor and control the activities of children and employees, however, sometimes such apps are used as a tool to hear the truth concerning marriage bed.

Generally, the spy services cost a small fortune; however, the result they provide is worth it.

• Mobi Stealth. It is one of the most popular apps in this sphere because it offers a possibility to spy on calls and messages, track the GPS location and browse through the websites history. However, the user of this application will not get access to the list of applications and can’t manipulate the target device.

• Flexispy. This application has almost all features of ideal spy app, however, it can’t view the multimedia files stored on the target device and it has no access to the applications installed.

• Spy Phonetap. This app is the most appropriate for those users who want to get access to the cell phone activity of the target device. It is ideal for calls and messages spying. And also it can track the GPS location of the person.

• The One Spy. Another example of simple, user-friendly spy application for calls and messages viewing. Also it proposes access to the Viber and WhatsApp messages and tracks GPS location of the target device.

Bring into notice that you should use spy software with restraint and responsibility!