How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly?

Today people prefer to use mobile devices instead of laptops and notebooks as the possibility to get necessary content on the go is fascinating. Web surfing also slowly but steadily turns out to be mobile web surfing, that is why developers of the sites strain every nerve to make their existing sites more mobile-friendly and develop new ones according to the requirements of mobile devices.

Going mobile requires knowledge, tools and experience: here you will find workable services that will simplify the work greatly.

Services That Will Help You Go Mobile

  • MobiSiteGalore. This mobile web builder is considered to be one of the easiest and efficient services as it takes only approximately 54 minutes for the user to create fully fledged mobile version of the site. One distinctive feature of the service that will gladden developers is that it supports not only smartphones but web-connected cell phones also. The service proposes free and premium accounts, the price for the last one is $225 per year.
  • mofuse. Users of this service are able to choose whether to convert the site singlehanded or let professionals of the service do it for them. In the first case it is necessary to pay for monthly subscription. The prices of the service range from $7.95 to $199 per month.
  • bMobilized. This service is said to support more than 13000 handheld devices and it provides a possibility to convert sites with lightning speed and users are able to customize conversion to achieve better results. The service proposes a cumulative discount system so it is a sound solution to all owners of networks. The price of monthly subscription is $19.99.
  • ConvertWebsite. This service stands out from the crowd by reliable approach to conversion. Before conversion it is necessary to send PSD version of the website so the specialists of the service will evaluate what approach will hit the spot. The conversion here is not a fast process, as it takes several days. The price is also high – $307 – $362. However, here you will rest assured that the conversion will be done right as it will be performed by professionals.
  • Mobify. Experienced team of experts is ready to help you with conversion of the site following your instructions. The pricing ranges from $0 to $1000.