How to Monitor the Activities on the Target Mobile Device?

Sometimes the need to keep track of the messaging or call logs is crucial, especially when it comes to children or employees. With help of mobile spy software it is possible to monitor any activity of the user, including GPS location and the web browsing history.

For example, Mobile Spy application gathers and sends real time information concerning SMS and calls and gives the user all-encompassing information concerning the calls together with phone numbers and duration of calls.

How to Use Mobile Spy on Your Target Device

  1. This app can be used with compatible devices so make sure that the target phone runs on one of these operating systems: BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian OS. If the device meets the requirements of the application, go to the order page and click Buy Now. After the payment you will receive the email with the login details.
  2. Download mobile spy software to your mobile device. The given instructions will help you to download the app and install it simply and fast. After that the icon will appear on the phone with a notification that the device is being monitored.
  3. Select the settings of the application. You can access the Mobile Spy with help of the password and the others can’t. Login to the app to select the appropriate settings. Tick the boxes against phone activities you want to monitor.
  4. You have a possibility to receive advanced settings – on the Mobile Spy Home page you will be able to select more settings for monitoring the targeted phone.
  5. Now you are ready to monitor the activities of the device. Remember that the app will be active no matter whether your phone is active or not. When your device is turned off, the application will still gather the information and when you will turn it on you will be able to look through all activities recorded to your Mobile Spy account.