Implementing Your Best Mobile App Ideas in Real Life

Have you ever wondered why in 99% cases an idea remains an idea and only 1% turns into reality? Anyone, actually, can come up with at least ten ideas a day, however, only few people can fight it out. Idea is just a mere thought, and it calls for in-depth research of the market, making a strategy, development of the business plan and without these stages all your work will be worthless.

On one of his interviews Steve Jobs stated that many people were thinking that great idea is a 90% of the work, however, this statement is far from truth, as the amount of work between idea and the final thing would exceed any expectations.

That is why when you come up with a great idea concerning your future mobile app, be ready to work hard. And to avoid common mistakes of the developers, check them out.

5 Common Mistakes of All Developers

  1. Don’t be torn between several ideas. If you are brainstorming many ideas every day, there is a pretty good chance that none of them will be put into action. All attention that you have should be focused on a single idea and it should inspire you. You will have to work with this idea for a certain amount of time so choose well.
  2. Evaluate the idea getting feedback from others. Validate the idea creating a prototype of the concept and showing it to the actual users, so they will test your app. That also could be a landing page or PowerPoint slide – anything that can present your idea to others.
  3. Execute your idea. The idea should be transformed into the prototype, prototype to the app and app should be constantly changing according to the needs of the users. Get over it, the app won’t b brilliant from the word go, so there is no need to struggle to polish it to perfection, you will have a chance to improve it upgrading.
  4. Work with ideas aimed to great markets. The app you create should meet the requirements of great amount of people, not few hundreds of your neighbors friends. Otherwise this idea is useless.
  5. The app you create should be considered a must between apps. Only in that case you will be able to create a million dollar app from a million dollar idea.