Find out How to Install Parental Control Apps

Parents nowadays are shocked by the level of kids’ skills of using PC or mobile devices. Active usage of mobile device by your kid can result in a heavy bill in game purchases or threats from online predators. However, you can protect kids from possible dangers on online setting parental controls on your Android device. Here we will show you new restricted profile feature added to Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

Use parental controls on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later

Security and lack of parental control options were the biggest problems of Android OS and now developers do their best to eliminate those issues. With appearing of Android 4.3 you can turn your tablet (unfortunately, that don’t concern smartphones) into a family device as you will be able to create several user accounts with unique options suitable for every member of the family. You can manage the app permissions for each user profile so your children will be safe from possible threats.

Android smartphones soon will also get this feature, when there will be an update for Jelly Bean or KitKat.

  1. Find the Settings and select Users there. Tap ‘Add user or profile’ and select Restricted profile.
  2. Give a name to a New profile
  3. By default, the restricted profile is unable to use any app installed on the tablet. Select the apps that are appropriate for your kid. The tracking of the location is also switched off by default.
  4. After that your account will be secured with help of the pattern, password or PIN code, and the child’s account will be free to use.

How to restrict in-app purchases in Google Play?

Protect your wallet by opening the Google Play Store on the Android device and find Settings there. There you will find User controls. Select the Password and when your kid will try to buy something, the password will be required. Or you can choose the best parental control app for android that will help you to block in-app purchases as well as provide many other useful features.

Parental controls of the Android can also set content filtering so your kids will be able to download age appropriate apps, visit only permitted websites and see age-friendly content.