Tips for Building Your First App for Mobile Devices

When you decide to create a mobile app for the first time singlehanded, the task may seem time taking and challenging. However, with proper planning and knowledge everything is possible.

In brief, the first steps of building an app include coming up with an idea for the app, drawing a sketch on paper, and on that basis, creation of the workable wireframe prototype. Show this prototype to testers and collect their opinions concerning the interface of the app. Yes, it seems that you have made a lot of work. However, in fact, the development of the application has just begun.

Consider the Back End of the App

Now you have a clear notion how your application should look like and what should it do. So now it is time to think about the back end: think over servers, databases, APIs and storage solutions. This job has to be done by a developer and you have to think about creating of the developer’s account at the application markets. This procedure is time consuming and can take up to a few days, so it is necessary to do it beforehand.

Select the Appropriate Skins for the App

First, it is necessary to define what these “skins” are – these are the individual screens of the app and designers have to create a high-resolution version of your prototype taking into consideration comments of the testers. Here much prominence should be given to the convenience of usage of the app as perfect user interface is one of the main reasons of the success of your app.

Test the App Once More

When the skins are done, you have to show the app to the testers once more. And still, it is not the complete version of the app, it is a concept that gives a full impression how your application should look and work. You can use Solidify and Framer tools in order to see how your app will behave in different environments, on various platforms, devices and screens. And on this stage all texts should be filled in, all skins and images included and all buttons have to be clickable.