Track the Location of the Lost or Stolen Handheld Device

There are plenty of ways of tracking someone’s device and get a clear notion where is it at the moment. If you want to get them, you are on a spot. Here you will get well-rounded information how to track cell phone without efforts.

Consider using the applications that deals with cell phone location tracking, for instance, you can choose the one like MobiStealth. It is user-friendly, easy to install, however, remember that you have to install it to the target device so you have to get hands on it for at least a couple of minutes. The app works in a stealth mode and gathers information about the GPS location, call logs and messages. Theoretically the app that you have selected for location tracking and monitoring should meet the following requirements:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Track the messages. Enhanced versions of such apps can also find the deleted messages.
  • Call logs with info of the phone number, duration and time of call.
  • Access to the contact list and browsing history of the web-connected device
  • Social media activity monitoring

After the installation of the app all activities of the phone will be visible to you at your online account on the PC or phone. With its help you will be able to check the information any time you want.

How to track the lost or stolen phone?

  • The Android Device Manager is the best solution if your lost handheld device runs on Android OS. Download it to another Android device and enter Google account using the login data of the lost device. If the login is successful, the app will show you the last location of the smartphone on the map. Also you will be able to swipe the info, lock the device or make a ring if the device is near but you can’t see it.
  • If you are looking for an iPhone, login to the iCloud with an Apple ID of the stolen phone. iCloud will help you to track the location of the phone and it will give you a ring if it is somewhere near you. Select the Lost Mode and the device will be locked and it will display the phone number with help of which the owner can be founded. The option Erase iPhone will delete all information on the device.
  • Windows Phone can be tracked with help of the Windows Phone Website that proposes a feature Find My Phone. Log in with your Windows account of the lost phone and it will track the device. Also you will be able to lock, ring or erase the phone data.